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  • Got my septum pierced here, and experienced no issues in the healing process! The people who work there are friendly, experienced and definitely try to take the time for you even when it’s busy. This is most certainly a spot where professionals wor... Lees verder
  • Came to Amsterdam last week for spring break and left with a whole new ear! I got my inner conch pierced, a new rook earring, changed out my forward helix labret and more new earrings! Everyone was so friendly and helpful and the prices were great fo... Lees verder
  • I got my nose pierced around a week ago here and it was a great experience! I didn't have an appointment but they were still able to help me. The employees were really nice and I overall just love the piercing! Thank you🫶🏻
  • As always, I was so happy with the way piercing works treats me as a customer. Really professional, kind, patient and nice. Debbie and Bonnie helped me super well, not were they only super sweet and helpful but also answered all my questions, took re... Lees verder
  • My friend and I went here during our vacation, we both got a piercing (hidden helix and a regular helix). The staff was super welcoming and nice, they’re respond to all our question and make us feel comfortable. They also offer a big number of jewe... Lees verder